Cleansing and charging your Crystals

Cleansing and charging your Crystals

Crystals can often be depleted in energy or hold a lot of negative energy within them, which is why regular cleansing and charging is essential to your spiritual self-care. 

Running water – One of the simplest methods of cleansing your crystals is to run them under water for one minute at a time, moving your fingers over them to wash away any negative energy attached. Not all crystals can be submerged in water anything ending with 'ite' ie- Calcite, Selenite, Apophyllite to name a few.


Salt water – For those crystals that can be submerged, take a teaspoon of pink Himalayan or normal table salt and add to a bowl of water to rest. Use your intuition on how long you leave them submerged. I would leave mine  overnight.

Saging/Palo Santo – Using sage to cleanse is a great way to restore a crystals natural energy. I will often run my crystals under fresh water first, dry them off and then sit and sage them one by one, setting my intention and what I want from each crystal. 


Sunlight - Be careful some crystals fade in sunlight if left too long, such as (Amethyst, Amturine, Citrine just to name a few). A day of sunlight is what I do. 

Moonlight (Fullmoon) my favourite way to charge my crystals, if its safe to do so,leave your crystals outside over night in a container,and let them soak up the beautiful energy from the fullmoon. Leaving your crystals on your window ledge is also fine for this. 

Selenite is another great way to charge your crystals, by popping a bit of Selenite in with your other crystals she will keep them charged up ♡ 

Hope this was helpful 

Lots of love Gem ♡ 

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