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Blue Rose Quartz (large)

Blue Rose Quartz (large)

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Blue Rose Quartz is a rare variety of rose quartz and brings unconditional love, soothig stress or tention of the heart, in love or friend relationships. Brings self love and confidence, hightens creativity and brings motivation, uplifting your Heart Chakra.


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Each Raw Crystal veries in different shapes,sizes & colour

Care Instructions

You need to keep it in a good place or wrap it in cotton or velvet cloth or bag. You can adjust, cleanse and programme your precious crystals whenever necessary. You can clear crystal energies after using it for some time by reprogramming it for better result. This helps you to heal your inner spirituality.

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One common way to use healing crystals is by placing them in various places in your home. This is done to enhance the energy of each room to help you achieve a productive, happy, and healthy living environment.